Get-ChildItemdir, gci, lsGets the files and folders in a file system drive.Cmdlet
Invoke-CommandicmRuns commands on local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Import-ModuleipmoAdds modules to the current session.Cmdlet
Export-CsvepcsvConverts objects into a series of comma-separated (CSV) strings and saves the strings in a CSV file.Cmdlet
Write-HostWrites customized output to a host.Cmdlet
Get-WmiObjectgwmiGets instances of WMI classes or information about the available classes.Cmdlet
Get-Contentcat, gc, typeGets the contents of a file.Cmdlet
Get-DateGets the current date and time.Cmdlet
Invoke-WebRequestcurl, iwr, wgetGets content from a web page on the Internet.Cmdlet
Start-Processsaps, startStarts one or more processes on the local computer.Cmdlet
Copy-Itemcopy, cp, cpiCopies an item from one location to another.Cmdlet
Set-ExecutionPolicyChanges the user preference for the Windows PowerShell execution policy.Cmdlet
Out-FileSends output to a file.Cmdlet
Where-Object?, whereSelects objects from a collection based on their property values.Cmdlet
Import-CsvipcsvCreates table-like custom objects from the items in a CSV file.Cmdlet
Send-MailMessageSends an email message.Cmdlet
New-ObjectCreates an instance of a Microsoft .NET Framework or COM object.Cmdlet
Select-StringslsFinds text in strings and files.Cmdlet
Remove-Itemdel, erase, rd, ri, rm, rmdirDeletes files and folders.Cmdlet
Select-ObjectselectSelects objects or object properties.Cmdlet
Test-PathDetermines whether all elements of a file or directory path exist.Cmdlet
Invoke-RestMethodirmSends an HTTP or HTTPS request to a RESTful web service.Cmdlet
Install-PackageInstalls one or more software packages.Cmdlet
ForEach-Object%, foreachPerforms an operation against each item in a collection of input objects.Cmdlet
Write-Outputecho, writeSends the specified objects to the next command in the pipeline. If the command is the last command in thepipeline, the objects are displayed in the console.Cmdlet
Get-Processgps, psGets the processes that are running on the local computer or a remote computer.Cmdlet
Get-ServicegsvGets the services on a local or remote computer.Cmdlet
Format-TableftFormats the output as a table.Cmdlet
Test-ConnectionSends ICMP echo request packets (“pings”) to one or more computers.Cmdlet
New-ItemniCreates a new item.Cmdlet
Get-EventLogGets the events in an event log, or a list of the event logs, on the local or remote computers.Cmdlet
Get-WinEventGets events from event logs and event tracing log files on local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Install-ModuleDownloads one or more modules from an online gallery, and installs them on the local computer.Function
Enter-PSSessionetsnStarts an interactive session with a remote computer.Cmdlet
Get-CredentialGets a credential object based on a user name and password.Cmdlet
Read-HostReads a line of input from the console.Cmdlet
Get-AppxPackageGets a list of the app packages that are installed in a user profile.Cmdlet
Get-AclGets the security descriptor for a resource, such as a file or registry key.Cmdlet
Get-HelpDisplays information about Windows PowerShell commands and concepts.Cmdlet
Start-JobsajbStarts a Windows PowerShell background job.Cmdlet
Add-PSSnapinAdds one or more Windows PowerShell snap-ins to the current session.Cmdlet
New-PSSessionnsnCreates a persistent connection to a local or remote computer.Cmdlet
Invoke-ExpressioniexRuns commands or expressions on the local computer.Cmdlet
Add-ContentacAppends content, such as words or data, to a file.Cmdlet
New-PSDrivemount, ndrCreates temporary and persistent mapped network drives.Cmdlet
Move-Itemmi, move, mvMoves an item from one location to another.Cmdlet
Get-ItemgiGets files and folders.Cmdlet
Compare-Objectcompare, diffCompares two sets of objects.Cmdlet
Sort-ObjectsortSorts objects by property values.Cmdlet
Test-NetConnectionDisplays diagnostic information for a connection.Function
Set-AclChanges the security descriptor of a specified item, such as a file or a registry key.Cmdlet
Set-ContentscReplaces the contents of a file with contents that you specify.Cmdlet
Start-TranscriptCreates a record of all or part of a Windows PowerShell session to a text file.Cmdlet
Get-HotFixGets the hotfixes that have been applied to the local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Get-ItemPropertygpGets the properties of a specified item.Cmdlet
Add-MemberAdds custom properties and methods to an instance of a Windows PowerShell object.Cmdlet
Remove-AppxPackageRemoves an app package from a user account.Cmdlet
Rename-Itemren, rniRenames an item in a Windows PowerShell provider namespace.Cmdlet
Add-TypeAdds a.NET Framework type (a class) to a Windows PowerShell session.Cmdlet
Get-MembergmGets the properties and methods of objects.Cmdlet
ConvertTo-SecureStringConverts encrypted standard strings to secure strings. It can also convert plain text to secure strings. It isused with ConvertFrom-SecureString and Read-Host.Cmdlet
New-SelfSignedCertificateCreates a new self-signed certificate for testing purposes.Cmdlet
Start-SleepsleepSuspends the activity in a script or session for the specified period of time.Cmdlet
Restart-ComputerRestarts (“reboots”) the operating system on local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Out-GridViewogvSends output to an interactive table in a separate window.Cmdlet
Format-ListflFormats the output as a list of properties in which each property appears on a new line.Cmdlet
Set-ItemPropertyspCreates or changes the value of a property of an item.Cmdlet
Measure-ObjectmeasureCalculates the numeric properties of objects, and the characters, words, and lines in string objects, such asfiles of text.Cmdlet
Split-PathReturns the specified part of a path.Cmdlet
Get-CounterGets performance counter data from local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Get-CimInstanceGets the CIM instances of a class from a CIM server.Cmdlet
Add-ComputerAdd the local computer to a domain or workgroup.Cmdlet
Add-AppxPackageAdds a signed app package to a user account.Cmdlet
ConvertTo-HtmlConverts Microsoft .NET Framework objects into HTML that can be displayed in a Web browser.Cmdlet
Import-StartLayoutImports the layout of the Start into a mounted Windows image.Cmdlet
Set-Locationcd, chdir, slSets the current working location to a specified location.Cmdlet
Get-NetAdapterGets the basic network adapter properties.Function
Export-StartLayoutExports the layout of the Start screen.Cmdlet
Enable-PSRemotingConfigures the computer to receive remote commands.Cmdlet
Get-CommandgcmGets all commands.Cmdlet
Get-ExecutionPolicyGets the execution policies for the current session.Cmdlet
Join-PathCombines a path and a child path into a single path.Cmdlet
Import-PSSessionipsnImports commands from another session into the current session.Cmdlet
Get-FileHashComputes the hash value for a file by using a specified hash algorithm.Function
Write-ErrorWrites an object to the error stream.Cmdlet
Stop-ServicespsvStops one or more running services.Cmdlet
Stop-Processkill, sppsStops one or more running processes.Cmdlet
Start-ServicesasvStarts one or more stopped services.Cmdlet
Unblock-FileUnblocks files that were downloaded from the Internet.Cmdlet
Get-DiskGets one or more disks visible to the operating system.Function
Get-ModulegmoGets the modules that have been imported or that can be imported into the current session.Cmdlet
ConvertTo-JsonConverts an object to a JSON-formatted string.Cmdlet
New-WebServiceProxyCreates a Web service proxy object that lets you use and manage the Web service in Windows PowerShell.Cmdlet
Reset-ComputerMachinePasswordResets the machine account password for the computer.Cmdlet
Get-ScheduledTaskGets the task definition object of a scheduled task that is registered on the local computer.Function
Write-EventLogWrites an event to an event log.Cmdlet
Set-ServiceStarts, stops, and suspends a service, and changes its properties.Cmdlet
Out-StringSends objects to the host as a series of strings.Cmdlet
Get-PrinterRetrieves a list of printers installed on a computer.Function
Out-NullDeletes output instead of sending it down the pipeline.Cmdlet
Get-WindowsUpdateLogMerges Windows Update .etl files into a single log file.Function
Restart-ServiceStops and then starts one or more services.Cmdlet
Set-Variableset, svSets the value of a variable. Creates the variable if one with the requested name does not exist.Cmdlet
Compress-ArchiveCreates an archive, or zipped file, from specified files and folders.Function
ConvertFrom-JsonConverts a JSON-formatted string to a custom object.Cmdlet
New-SmbShareCreates an SMB share.Function
Set-ItemsiChanges the value of an item to the value specified in the command.Cmdlet
Update-HelpDownloads and installs the newest help files on your computer.Cmdlet
Group-ObjectgroupGroups objects that contain the same value for specified properties.Cmdlet
Start-BitsTransferCreates a BITS transfer job.Cmdlet
Get-CertificateSubmits a certificate request to an enrollment server and installs the response or retrieves a certificate for apreviously submitted request.Cmdlet
Register-ScheduledTaskRegisters a scheduled task definition on a local computer.Function
Tee-ObjectteeSaves command output in a file or variable and also sends it down the pipeline.Cmdlet
Test-ComputerSecureChannelTests and repairs the secure channel between the local computer and its domain.Cmdlet
Measure-CommandMeasures the time it takes to run script blocks and cmdlets.Cmdlet
ConvertFrom-SecureStringConverts a secure string to an encrypted standard string.Cmdlet
Get-JobgjbGets Windows PowerShell background jobs that are running in the current session.Cmdlet
Export-ClixmlCreates an XML-based representation of an object or objects and stores it in a file.Cmdlet
ConvertTo-CsvConverts objects into a series of comma-separated value (CSV) variable-length strings.Cmdlet
Remove-AppxProvisionedPackageRemoves an app package (.appx) from a Windows image.Cmdlet
New-ItemPropertyCreates a new property for an item and sets its value.Cmdlet
Get-PhysicalDiskGets a list of all PhysicalDisk objects visible across any available Storage Management Providers, or optionally afiltered list.Function
Set-TimeZoneSets the system time zone to a specified time zone.Cmdlet
Get-PackageReturns a list of all software packages that have been installed by using Package Management.Cmdlet
Get-SmbShareRetrieves the SMB shares on the computer.Function
Get-VariablegvGets the variables in the current console.Cmdlet
Add-PrinterAdds a printer to the specified computer.Function
Resolve-PathrvpaResolves the wildcard characters in a path, and displays the path contents.Cmdlet
Select-XmlFinds text in an XML string or document.Cmdlet
Get-RandomGets a random number, or selects objects randomly from a collection.Cmdlet
Get-PSDrivegdrGets drives in the current session.Cmdlet
Expand-ArchiveExtracts files from a specified archive (zipped) file.Function
Receive-JobrcjbGets the results of the Windows PowerShell background jobs in the current session.Cmdlet
New-NetFirewallRuleCreates a new inbound or outbound firewall rule and adds the rule to the target computer.Function
New-NetIPAddressCreates and configures an IP address.Function
Get-NetIPAddressGets the IP address configuration.Function
Register-ObjectEventSubscribes to the events that are generated by a Microsoft .NET Framework object.Cmdlet
Get-SmbConnectionRetrieves the connections established from the SMB client to the SMB servers.Function
New-TimeSpanCreates a TimeSpan object.Cmdlet
Enable-WindowsOptionalFeatureEnables a feature in a Windows image.Cmdlet
Set-NetConnectionProfileChanges the network category of a connection profile.Function
New-ScheduledTaskTriggerCreates a scheduled task trigger object.Function
Rename-ComputerRenames a computer.Cmdlet
Get-EventGets the events in the event queue.Cmdlet
Test-WSManTests whether the WinRM service is running on a local or remote computer.Cmdlet
Get-AppxProvisionedPackageGets information about app packages (.appx) in an image that will be installed for each new user.Cmdlet
Wait-ProcessWaits for the processes to be stopped before accepting more input.Cmdlet
Wait-JobwjbSuppresses the command prompt until one or all of the Windows PowerShell background jobs running in the sessionare completed.Cmdlet
Write-DebugWrites a debug message to the console.Cmdlet
Import-CertificateImports one or more certificates into a certificate store.Cmdlet
New-EventLogCreates a new event log and a new event source on a local or remote computer.Cmdlet
Get-HostGets an object that represents the current host program.Cmdlet
Invoke-WmiMethodCalls WMI methods.Cmdlet
Update-ScriptUpdates a script.Function
New-ServiceCreates a new Windows service.Cmdlet
ConvertFrom-CsvConverts object properties in comma-separated value (CSV) format into CSV versions of the original objects.Cmdlet
Invoke-ItemiiPerforms the default action on the specified item.Cmdlet
Enable-WSManCredSSPEnables CredSSP authentication on a computer.Cmdlet
Get-UniqueguReturns unique items from a sorted list.Cmdlet
Find-PackageFinds software packages in available package sources.Cmdlet
Out-HostohSends output to the command line.Cmdlet
Format-VolumeFormats one or more existing volumes or a new volume on an existing partition.Function
Format-CustomfcUses a customized view to format the output.Cmdlet
Get-SmbServerConfigurationRetrieves the SMB server configuration.Function
Mount-DiskImageMounts a previously created disk image (virtual hard disk or ISO), making it appear as a normal disk.Function
Clear-Hostclear, clsClears the display in the host program.Function
Start-DscConfigurationApplies configuration to nodes.Cmdlet
Get-SmbOpenFileRetrieves basic information about the files that are open on behalf of the clients of the SMB server.Function
Add-VpnConnectionAdds a VPN connection to the Connection Manager phone book.Function
Set-DnsClientServerAddressSets DNS server addresses associated with the TCP/IP properties on an interface.Function
Export-ModuleMemberSpecifies the module members that are exported.Cmdlet
Get-PSSessiongsnGets the Windows PowerShell sessions on local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Get-PSSnapinGets the Windows PowerShell snap-ins on the computer.Cmdlet
Get-NetConnectionProfileGets a connection profile.Function
Get-NetFirewallRuleRetrieves firewall rules from the target computer.Function
Push-LocationpushdAdds the current location to the top of a location stack.Cmdlet
Get-VolumeGets the specified Volume object, or all Volume objects if no filter is provided.Function
New-NetLbfoTeamCreates a new NIC team.Function
Get-NetTCPConnectionGets TCP connections.Function
Stop-ComputerStops (shuts down) local and remote computers.Cmdlet
Set-StrictModeEstablishes and enforces coding rules in expressions, scripts, and script blocks.Cmdlet
Set-NetFirewallRuleModifies existing firewall rules.Function
Add-AppxProvisionedPackageAdds an app package (.appx) that will install for each new user to a Windows image.Cmdlet
Enable-BitLockerEnables encryption for a BitLocker volume.Function
Get-Locationgl, pwdGets information about the current working location or a location stack.Cmdlet
Set-NetIPInterfaceModifies an IP interface.Function
New-VirtualDiskCreates a new virtual disk in the specified storage pool.Function
Remove-PSSessionrsnCloses one or more Windows PowerShell sessions (PSSessions).Cmdlet
Set-NetIPAddressModifies the configuration of an IP address.Function
Register-ScheduledJobCreates a scheduled job.Cmdlet
Set-SmbServerConfigurationSets the SMB Service configuration.Function
New-PartitionCreates a new partition on an existing Disk object.Function
Remove-PSDriverdrDeletes temporary Windows PowerShell drives and disconnects mapped network drives.Cmdlet
Remove-VariablervDeletes a variable and its value.Cmdlet
Get-WindowsOptionalFeatureGets information about optional features in a Windows image.Cmdlet
Import-ClixmlImports a CLIXML file and creates corresponding objects in Windows PowerShell.Cmdlet
Import-PfxCertificateImports certificates and private keys from a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) file to the destination store.Cmdlet
Uninstall-PackageUninstalls one or more software packages.Cmdlet
Set-AuthenticodeSignatureAdds an Authenticode signature to a Windows PowerShell script or other file.Cmdlet
Set-NetAdapterSets the basic network adapter properties.Function
Set-AliassalCreates or changes an alias for a cmdlet or other command element in the current Windows PowerShell session.Cmdlet
Set-WmiInstanceCreates or updates an instance of an existing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class.Cmdlet
Disable-WindowsOptionalFeatureDisables a feature in a Windows image.Cmdlet
Update-ModuleDownloads and installs the newest version of specified modules from an online gallery to the local computer.Function
New-LocalUserCreates a local user account.Cmdlet
Mount-WindowsImageMounts a Windows image in a WIM or VHD file to a directory on the local computer.Cmdlet
Get-ItemPropertyValuegpvGets the value for one or more properties of a specified item.Cmdlet
New-AliasnalCreates a new alias.Cmdlet
New-JobTriggerCreates a job trigger for a scheduled job.Cmdlet
Get-Historyghy, h, historyGets a list of the commands entered during the current session.Cmdlet
New-CimSessionCreates a CIM session.Cmdlet
Get-LocalGroupGets the local security groups.Cmdlet
ConvertTo-XmlCreates an XML-based representation of an object.Cmdlet
New-PSSessionOptionCreates an object that contains advanced options for a PSSession.Cmdlet
Add-WindowsCapabilityInstalls a Windows capability package on the specified operating system image.Cmdlet
New-VariablenvCreates a new variable.Cmdlet
Convert-PathcvpaConverts a path from a Windows PowerShell path to a Windows PowerShell provider path.Cmdlet
Get-LocalGroupMemberGets members from a local group.Cmdlet
Add-WindowsPackageAdds a single .cab or .msu file to a Windows image.Cmdlet
Invoke-CimMethodInvokes a method of a CIM class.Cmdlet
ConvertFrom-StringCFSExtracts and parses structured properties from string content.Cmdlet
Export-CertificateExports a certificate from a certificate store into a file.Cmdlet
Unregister-ScheduledTaskUnregisters a scheduled task.Function
ConvertFrom-StringDataConverts a string containing one or more key and value pairs to a hash table.Cmdlet
Install-PackageProviderInstalls one or more Package Management package providers.Cmdlet
Get-LocalUserGets local user accounts.Cmdlet
Clear-ContentclcDeletes the contents of an item, but does not delete the item.Cmdlet
Remove-ModulermoRemoves modules from the current session.Cmdlet
Get-VpnConnectionRetrieves the specified VPN connection profile information.Function
Export-PfxCertificateExports a certificate or a PFXData object to a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) file.Cmdlet
Get-NetIPConfigurationGets IP network configuration.Function
Export-WindowsDriverExports all third-party drivers from a Windows image to a destination folder.Cmdlet
Grant-SmbShareAccessAdds an allow ACE for a trustee to the security descriptor of the SMB share.Function
Initialize-DiskInitializes a RAW disk for first time use, enabling the disk to be formatted and used to store data.Function
Get-NetIPInterfaceGets an IP interface.Function
Get-PfxCertificateGets information about .pfx certificate files on the computer.Cmdlet
Invoke-PesterInvokes Pester to run all tests (files containing *.Tests.ps1) recursively under the PathFunction
Add-OdbcDsnAdds an ODBC DSN.Function
Format-WidefwFormats objects as a wide table that displays only one property of each object.Cmdlet
Get-PartitionReturns a list of all partition objects visible on all disks, or optionally a filtered list using specifiedparameters.Function
Set-DiskTakes a Disk object or unique disk identifiers and a set of attributes, and updates the physical disk on thesystem.Function
Get-ScheduledJobGets scheduled jobs on the local computer.Cmdlet
Get-PnpDeviceReturns information about PnP devices.Function
Get-TpmGets an object that contains information about a TPM.Cmdlet
Disable-NetAdapterBindingDisables a binding to a network adapter.Function
Get-PSRepositoryGets PowerShell repositories.Function
Out-DefaultSends the output to the default formatter and to the default output cmdlet.Cmdlet
Add-PrinterDriverInstalls a printer driver on the specified computer.Function
Set-WinUserLanguageListSets the language list and associated properties for the current user account.Cmdlet
Get-ScheduledTaskInfoGets run-time information for a scheduled task.Function
Enable-NetFirewallRuleEnables a previously disabled firewall rule.Function
Out-PrinterlpSends output to a printer.Cmdlet
Add-PrinterPortInstalls a printer port on the specified computer.Function
Set-WinSystemLocaleSets the system locale (the language for non-Unicode programs) for the current computer.Cmdlet
Find-ModuleFinds modules from an online gallery that match specified criteria.Function
Get-NetAdapterVmqGets the VMQ properties of a network adapter.Function
Stop-TranscriptStops a transcript.Cmdlet
Get-SmbSessionRetrieves information about the SMB sessions that are currently established between the SMB server and theassociated clients.Function
Set-PSSessionConfigurationChanges the properties of a registered session configuration.Cmdlet
Add-MpPreferenceModifies settings for Windows Defender.Function
Set-SmbShareModifies the properties of the SMB share.Function
Set-VpnConnectionChanges the configuration settings of an existing VPN connection profile.Function
Start-ScheduledTaskStarts one or more instances of a scheduled task.Function
Suspend-BitLockerSuspends Bitlocker encryption for the specified volume.Function
Get-SmbShareAccessRetrieves the ACL of the SMB share.Function
Set-PSDebugTurns script debugging features on and off, sets the trace level, and toggles strict mode.Cmdlet
Get-StartAppsGets the names and AppIDs of installed apps.Function
Add-VpnConnectionRouteAdds a route to a VPN connection.Function
Get-VirtualDiskReturns a list of VirtualDisk objects, across all storage pools, across all providers, or optionally a filteredsubset based on provided criteria.Function
Write-InformationSpecifies how Windows PowerShell handles information stream data for a command.Cmdlet
New-ScheduledTaskCreates a scheduled task instance.Function
Set-CultureSets the user culture for the current user account.Cmdlet
New-ScheduledTaskSettingsSetCreates a new scheduled task settings object.Function
New-ScheduledTaskActionCreates a scheduled task action.Function
Set-PartitionSets attributes of a partition, such as active, read-only, and offline states.Function
Clear-VariableclvDeletes the value of a variable.Cmdlet
Add-KdsRootKeyGenerates a new root key for the Microsoft Group KdsSvc within Active Directory.Cmdlet
Exit-PSSessionexsnEnds an interactive session with a remote computer.Cmdlet
Add-LocalGroupMemberAdds members to a local group.Cmdlet
Set-LocalUserModifies a local user account.Cmdlet
Remove-ComputerRemoves the local computer from its domain.Cmdlet
New-NetNatCreates a NAT object.Function
Set-SmbClientConfigurationSets the SMB client configuration.Function
Set-ScheduledTaskModifies a scheduled task.Function
Remove-ItemPropertyrpDeletes the property and its value from an item.Cmdlet
Set-PrinterUpdates the configuration of an existing printer.Function
Set-PhysicalDiskSets attributes on a specific physical disk.Function
Set-DateChanges the system time on the computer to a time that you specify.Cmdlet
Repair-WindowsImageRepairs a Windows image in a WIM or VHD file.Cmdlet
Set-NetAdapterVmqSets the VMQ properties of a network adapter.Function
Remove-WmiObjectDeletes an instance of an existing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class.Cmdlet
New-NetRouteCreates a route in the IP routing table.Function
Optimize-VolumeOptimizes a volume.Function
New-VolumeCreates a volume with the specified file system.Function
New-StoragePoolCreates a new storage pool using a group of physical disks.Function
New-SmbMappingCreates an SMB mapping.Function
Set-DscLocalConfigurationManagerApplies LCM settings to nodes.Cmdlet
New-ScheduledTaskPrincipalCreates an object that contains a scheduled task principal.Function
Get-CultureGets the current culture set in the operating system.Cmdlet
Set-PSRepositorySets values for a registered repository.Function
Set-NetFirewallProfileConfigures settings that apply to the per-profile configurations of the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.Function
Get-AliasgalGets the aliases for the current session.Cmdlet
Get-DnsClientServerAddressGets DNS server IP addresses from the TCP/IP properties on an interface.Function
Set-MpPreferenceConfigures preferences for Windows Defender scans and updates.Function
Save-ModuleSaves a module locally without installing it.Function
Resize-PartitionResizes a partition and the underlying file system.Function
Repair-VolumePerforms repairs on a volume.Function
Remove-PrinterRemoves a printer from the specified computer.Function
Remove-PhysicalDiskRemoves a physical disk from a specified storage pool.Function
Remove-NetIPAddressRemoves an IP address and its configuration.Function
Register-PSRepositoryRegisters a PowerShell repository.Function
Get-WindowsCapabilityGets Windows capabilities for an image or a running operating system.Cmdlet
Get-BitLockerVolumeGets information about volumes that BitLocker can protect.Function
Get-ClipboardGets the current Windows clipboard entry.Cmdlet
Get-ComputerInfoGets a consolidated object of system and operating system properties.Cmdlet
Get-InitiatorPortGets one or more host bus adapter (HBA) initiator ports.Function
Get-BitsTransferGets the associated BitsJob object for an existing BITS transfer job.Cmdlet
Get-AuthenticodeSignatureGets information about the Authenticode signature for a file.Cmdlet
Get-AppvClientPackageReturns App-V Client Packages.Cmdlet
Set-WSManQuickConfigConfigures the local computer for remote management.Cmdlet
New-GuidCreates a GUID.Function
Get-StorageJobReturns information about long-running Storage module jobs, such as a repair task.Function
Uninstall-ModuleUninstalls a module.Function
Get-InstalledModuleGets installed modules on a computer.Function
Confirm-SecureBootUEFIConfirms that Secure Boot is enabled by checking the Secure Boot status on the local computer.Cmdlet
Set-ClipboardSets the current Windows clipboard entry.Cmdlet
Get-TlsCipherSuiteGets the list of cipher suites for TLS for a computer.Cmdlet
Clear-DiskCleans a disk by removing all partition information and un-initializing it, erasing all data on the disk.Function

The data presented in this table are used under a CC BY 4.0 License. Modifications include syntactic styling.


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