Recently the IT department upgraded my laptop’s operating system to Windows 10 1809 from Windows 7. Actually it’s very hard for me to understand why we have to upgrade software that kept work very well. The upgrade brings me little benefits and many issues. The most common issue for me and my colleagues is the fingerprint not work anymore. We created tickets asking for IS supporting. The company’s IS supporting colleagues sucks, they just focus on ticket closing, not problem-solving. They just order us to accept the fact that the fingerprint won’t work on Windows 10, which makes us really unhappy. The fingerprint worked very well on Windows 7, it should keep work on Windows 10. We spent too much time searching for a solution to this issue. Luckily, google helped us to solve this.

First we need to check the policy settings in the group policy editor. You can start the policy editor by running the ‘gpedit.msc’ command.

Make sure the following policy settings are not configured to disabled.

Computer>Administrative Templates>System>Logon>Turn on convenience PIN sign-in

Computer>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Hello for Business>Use Biometrics

Computer>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Windows Hello for Business>Use Windows Hello for Business

‘Not configured’ is also ok for the above policy settings. Then, start the registry editor by running the ‘regedit’ command and add a registry key manually:


After adding the registry key, the fingerprint settings is useable in the system settings. No restart is needed. This solution worked for my ThinkPad P50 laptop.


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